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May 2020
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This week, Bailey has on Father Shay of "House of The Transfiguration" parish in Minneapolis Minnesota and activist/publisher of Spit and Spirit, Brian Gerald Murphy to discuss and being part of the LGBTQ community while having a relationship with God. Make sure to checkout all of the sites and projects we mention in this ep!

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Additional links:

Brian's YouTube

Fr. Shay's website

Reading Queerly

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Bailey and Jill discuss self empowerment, fighting your demons, and PTSD. 

Jill promotes her documentary "Fight Like A Girl"

Go to for more info 

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This week Bailey has on a very special guest, it's Jason Louv of

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On this week's episode, Bailey scratches the surface of sex-shame, guilt, and making the effort to let go of unhealthy views about our (and other's) sexuality. 

There is no guest this week but this week's topic provides plenty of food for thought.

This week's discussion is followed by a guided mediation to help the listeners to heal from any sexual repression or dysfuntion. And embrace a new mind set about sex and life. 

And lastly, Bailey delivers a beautifully accurate/appropriate and healing message with her Animal Guide Oracle Cards. 

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On this weeks episode:

Bailey has on HayHouse author, channel, and all around amazing guy Gerry Gavin!

They discuss channeling, Gerry's experiences with channeling the angel Margaret, and getting rid of the shame in sex, trans stuff, and homosexuality!

Gerry talks Bailey through some of her personal experiences with spirit and gives the audience a glimpse into his channeled book, Messages From Margaret.

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This is the very first episode of Gender Coaching with Bailey Jay.

AVN winner, radio personality Bailey Jay and sex educator/ gay porn star Conner Habib discuss sex and the occult.

Bailey gives a weekly oracle card reading and closes with a guided meditation.

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